HDBI Whole Brain® Thinking

  • Do you find yourself spending time and money on assessments which try to make sense of to people’s behavior with no practical application or tangible results?
  • Does your team misperceive others’ behavior which causes miscommunication and misunderstanding?
  • Are your people are tired of being defined by a letter, animal or archetype?

Whole Brain ® Thinking is different. The model, based in neuroscience, identifies thinking patterns, habits, and ways we process information. Because thinking is the foundation for behavior, the results can then be applied to growth strategy, problem-solving, decision-making and even how meetings are run.

The facilitation provides user-friendly concepts and practical applications which makes it valuable to any organization that wants to get the best out of their talent and impact the way things are done.

Whole Brain Thinking Results Example
Sample HBDI® Assessment Results