About Lynne

I am a believer in helping others, a champion of “anything is possible” and a catalyst for change.

My vision is on three levels.

First, it is to spark others to think differently and see things in a new way. I know that when we think differently we have the potential to see options and choice where we thought there were none. I have a passion for learning about people and their stories, and I like to find the potential and opportunity in their situations.

Second, I think since we spend so much time at work, it should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience where we know how we are contributing to organizational success and feel valued.

Third, I think every city, town and village can thrive through the people that live and work there and the small businesses and non-profits that invest in them

My goal is to help individuals, organizations and communities think wider, see things differently, try new things and realize their full potential. Individuals will have the tools and resources to be their best, organizations will have employees that feel purpose and value which creates loyalty, and communities will have small businesses and non-profits that establish strong roots and create a robust economy.

About Our Name

Melo means apple tree in Italian and Vivere means to live/life. So, like a tree that needs the right environment, strong roots and stable branches to grow, an organization needs to cultivate the right environment including a strong foundation, infrastructure, understanding of their people and implementing effective processes to thrive. And that’s where we come in. Think of us as your organizational gardener.

Melo is also me and Lola (Lo for short).  My sweet pup who helped me think differently, see options when I thought there were none, and was instrumental in my deciding to create a new life by leaving corporate America behind and starting my own business.