While wandering through the grocery store, I saw a product with the slogan “good things come to those who hustle”. My immediate thought was, “I completely disagree!”.

To begin with, “good” is subjective and I’m sure our definitions of good and success differ. Putting that aside, the idea that we can’t have “good” without hustle is misguided. I would venture to bet that successful people will tell you they got there not only through action but with strategy, problem-solving, research, planning but maybe more importantly with rest, taking breaks, getting enough sleep, pursuing hobbies, spending time with loved ones, praying and/or meditating, and just simply being. And sometimes luck plays a part.

This type of message pitting good against bad with hustle vs. non-hustle could have adverse effects especially when this marketing is most likely targeting young adults and teens. Do any search online and you’ll find headlines such as “The overachieving generation: As millennials strive for perfection”, “More than 90% of Generation Z is Stressed Out”, and “Generation panic: why is there so much anxiety among millennials”. Now, I’m not putting all of this on one trendy beverage but it does contribute to the messages out there around what it takes to be a successful person. Messages that may not be the most accurate or healthy.

Here are 3 tips to work toward your goal without having to “hustle”

Form habits- we all know that consistent activities, even if small, continue to lay the groundwork toward reaching our goals. Did you know, though, that when you form habits you are wiring your brain to eventually work more efficiently? Habits take the brain less energy to execute and become useful tools. As it turns out, the more we do something the better we get at it. As Aristotle thought, “excellence is not an act but a habit”

Find YOUR best time- there are a lot of people that would have you believe success only happens if you wake up at 5 AM and hustle first thing in the morning. However, we are all unique individuals with different rhythms. Some people do achieve more early in the morning; however, some peak at 10 AM and some find they do their best work at night. Keep a journal, track your energy levels at different times of the day and how well you were able to focus on your priorities. Once you find the time that works best for you, be intentional in how you spend it to optimize that time as much as you can.

Sleep and water- Of course we all know this but a good reminder that we all need sleep and water for our brain cells to communicate with each other and a lack can impact learning, memory, and cognitive function to name a few. To be successful we need to have focus and be at our best and to be at our best we need sleep and water.

While motivation and working hard are factors in achieving success, consistency and common sense are too. Find what works for you and do a little each day toward your goals. I guarantee you will reach them.

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